Membership Details

New memberships available for 2017! 

Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced racer, please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member.
Email is best - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as there is not always someone available to answer the phone.

Current membership fees (2017) are: 

New Members Entrance Fee
Payable if over 35 years of age: £150.00

Membership Fees
Family (children 5 to 17 years)* £155.00
Joint £140.00
Single £105.00

26-35 £80.00

18-25 years* £50.00
Youth (11 to 17 years) £40.00
Retired SINGLE  (having reached state pensionable age):  £80.00
Retired JOINT (Either partner having reached state pensionable age) £100.00 
Senior (Over 80 years old and minimum 10 years full membership) NIL
Out of Port (For existing, previously approved members only) £40.00

Car park  £60.00
Car park barrier card deposit  £10.00
Membership card (Replacement only)  £5.00

*students in bona fide full-time education may be included in family subscriptions

Berthing Fees - see below

Membership Enquiries
If you would like to enquire about membership, please write to the Membership Secretary, or use this form.

Please print the form, complete and post/drop off to Membership Secretary at the Clubhouse:

Exe Sailing Club, Tornado, Shelly Road, Exmouth, EX8 1EG 


Berthing Fees (all run from 1 April 2017)
*Note that dinghies used at least 5 times through winter (racing or not)
will receive a 25% rebate on 12 month berthing rate.

Class of boat 

 6 months to 30/9

*12 months to 31/3

Dinghies/Tenders up to 10ft



Dinghies/Tenders 10-14ft



Dinghies/Tenders over 14ft



Dinghies of Juniors (u18) 

40.00 80.00

Tenders (racked, up to 8ft)

 50.00 100.00

Tenders (over 8ft up to 10ft) 



Tenders (over 10ft)

 76.00  152.00

Outboard Store



Kayaks (to 31/3) - must be racked


Yacht winter storage (1/10 to 31/3)

2016 - 10.70/foot