Exe Squad December News

Report on Sunday's epic session from Allan:

Due to strong winds, we made the decision to only allow experienced Juniors to training on Sunday 12 November. Those attending gained valuable experience sailing in heavy weather conditions, noticeably building their confidence though the session. Racing was cancelled so we just spent the morning bombing around the area just off Shelley Beach. Link to pics below the fold...

There were many “tall tales” being told during the debrief, mostly in relation to maximum wind and boat speeds of the day. Video footage taken on the water during training was extremely valuable during the debrief identify great sailing technique, areas for improvement and helping to “bust” an excuse from a certain Feva helm who claimed to have “been ripped overboard by a freak wave” ahead of a spectacular capsize J. 

If you have a moment, feel free to check out the video footage and a few photos from the day (https://www.dropbox.com/…/zkh159…/AADHVwDWUNPLD9zm_25a-hXIa…). Impressive sailing that those who sailed should be very proud of and to inspire the rest of the Junior Racing squad. Finally, thanks to our coaching team for the day Mike Way and Debbie Hemmings and Mark ‘Corky’ Rhodes for making sure everyone enjoyed themselves, sailed safely and made it back to the beach in one piece.

The next Winter Training date is Sunday 10 December. Let’s hope for a little less wind !!

Allan Leach – Junior Racing