Girls Go Sailing

In 2018 we saw a great revival of our Girls Go Sailing scheme, which we have run intermittently for a few years. By making it a member lead activity, we have seen increased numbers of women participating and welcome new members at any time through the year.

Jane Williams is our volunteer lead who got the project off the ground, supported by helms Tink Dixon, Anne Way & Veronique Hart.

Vicki Allen (Club Manager) organises the administration for the sessions, and overseas the bookings and group email. Please contact Vicki (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get more information on the group and sessions, and to register to join the activities.

What do we do?

We are offering our female members sailing opportunities on cruisers, dinghies and the club Hawk, running the sessions at varying times – some weekends, some weekdays, some evenings, throughout the year.

We offer shore-based theory sessions and safety briefings through the winter and spring.

There will be a pre-season and end of season social evening.

Why do we do this?

Organisations such as the RYA and Sport England have highlighted the huge difference in numbers of men and women participating in sport. Generally, women respond to having set dates (to work home / work / family commitments around), and to joining a group of other women to take part. Many of our sailors are novice, however, those that do already sail have joined in so that they can have a go at different roles in sailing (e.g. dinghy helm if always crew, bowman on cruisers or helming cruisers etc.). Whilst the club has plenty of opportunities to take part in sailing, our group has responded well to specific women only sessions, giving confidence and camaraderie.


Ultimately, we would like our female members to make the most of their membership subscriptions, with many of the group never having sailed before! The positive promotion of women in sailing will hopefully increase our number of active female sailors, and iron out the imbalance currently seen – at our club we have a 60:40 spread of male to female members, but that is not reflected on the water.

Our “Girls Go Sailing” scheme follows the ethos of the national campaign, This Girl Can, which positive promotes female involvement in exercise and sport. More details at