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If you have not already done so, please email Vicki with your crew/helm requests and she will put you in touch with available members!

Please note - this service is for Exe SC members only 

We are setting up a new crew matching scheme with the hope that both skippers/helms and crew will find it easier to use. Please take a look if you are looking for crew or a boat to sail with. Links to fillable PDF versions of the forms are at the end.

Notes and Registration
The scheme will be managed by the club professional who will keep details of skippers needing crew and crew available. The professional will make the initial ‘match’ by speaking to potential crew then contacting the skipper with the contact details. The onus will be on the skipper to contact the crew. This deliberately reverses the usual pattern of crew approaching the skipper. This is an experiment but the old crew exchange systems have not been that successful and some have found a skipper-led approach has worked well. 

Formal notice
Personal details will be held on the club computer, password protected and accessed only by a few club officers and the club professional. By completing and returning this registration you are consenting for the information you have provided to be shared with others who have registered in the scheme
Please also note that this is a voluntary ‘Opt in’ Scheme. The responsibility for the safe conduct of the vessel and the safety of her crew remains with the skipper. All adult participants (crew) take part in the knowledge that sailing is an adventure sport with inherent risks.

Can you contribute?
• Are you willing to come off your boat for the odd race / cruise to join a less experienced crew or do you have experienced crew who could do the same?
• Are you happy to have crew from other boats on with you to experience a different type of sailing or to learn a new skill?
• Would you welcome the opportunity to join another crew for a race or a cruise – ie with this system you can be both a skipper and potential crew. I have found this can be a great learning opportunity and also if you cannot get crew together or don’t feel quite ready to do ‘Channel week’ or that cruise to Alderney then joining another boat can make it possible for you and them.

Skippers’ Notes
Crew Wanted
I have deliberately not put in a gap to stipulate age or gender as I believe in the main it is irrelevant but if this is a real issue then say tell us; eg if your wife will not let you sail with any women under 80 or the average age of your current crew is 110 and you really need someone a little younger!
Also remember you will have a special responsibility if you sail with anyone under 18. It’s not a problem and we really want to get young sailors onto the cruisers and into the dinghies but you do need to ensure parents are aware and happy with the arrangement.
Type of Sailing and Days eg Tuesday cruiser racing, 2/3 weekends per season cruising or weekend dinghy racing
Contact  details  Indicate your preferred method of contact Phone, Text email etc. Do think about Facebook. I know it’s not for all but it does work well.
Plan ahead – this is not a system for finding crew on Monday evening before the Tuesday race! 

Crew Notes
Please read the formal bit above – you need to understand this. If you are under 18 you must discuss and share with your parents.
If you have any medical issues then it is for you to decide if you wish to share that information with the skipper/helm, the guidance of course is that you should if it’s relevant. We will not ask for it. 
Describe the experience (use the additional information section on crew experience section) e.g. experienced offshore crew, skilled navigator and helm just moved to the area, or absolute beginner but keen to learn. Be brief but give sufficient detail e.g. cruiser racing skippers usually like to have a dinghy sailor or two on board. Again be honest – if you are red hot competitive, say so as you will probably enjoy sailing or one of the race-keen boats more than casual weekend cruising. Please see the note about age and gender above – it’s not a requirement except to state if you are under 18 but do keep in mind the broad type of crew you might like to join.
This is a crucial one – think it through carefully since if you say you are available every Tuesday evening for racing then you should keep to that. It’s not written in tablets of stone but the commitment is important. For Skippers, last minute cancellations from regular crew are a real pain.
Don’t overreach yourself – if you are available one weekend a month only, then state that.
Always a good idea to say that you are happy and available to lend a hand with boat maintenance particularly the less popular jobs like removing last year’s antifouling! If you have any specific boat related skills, that’s also worth mentioning, eg I have a diesel engineer and seamstress in my crew
Contact details see skippers note above
Current Crews
See notes above re boat swapping, sharing experience etc. If this is of interest, please register with the scheme to maximise your opportunities.  However, it might be a good idea to check with your usual skipper first!

Returning Your Form
There are two forms - one for skippers/helms and one for crew. Please complete the appropriate one (unless you are a Skipper / Owner who also wants to crew, in whch case do both) The form is far from perfect so if there is anything you want to add please feel free to do so. They are also available as PDF forms - links below. Please save the form on your computer before sending! You can email the completed document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (where you can send any questions as well).

You are of course welcome to continue using the informal Crew Exe Change page on Facebook.

Skipper Helm Form (PDF in new window - save before sending; you may need Acrobat XI to save)

Crew Form (PDF in new window - save before sending; you may need Acrobat XI to save)

Rick Newcombe, Training Centre Principal


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