Dinghy Results 2018

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Dinghy Series

 Sunday  Handicap  
 Wednesday 1 (Apr - Jun)  Trio  Asymmetric / Non-Asymmetric
 Wednesday 2 (Jul - Sep)  Trio  Asymmetric / Non-Asymmetric
 Saturday 1  Handicap  
 Saturday 2  Handicap  
 Winter  Asymmetric / Non-Asymmetric  
 King Cup (Bank Holidays & 1st Wednesdays)    Handicap
 Boxing Day    Handicap


Barts Bash                                     Results

Race Training Series                       Thursday evening handicap

Junior Novice Series                        Weekend races

Youth Series                                   Wed1 and Wed2

ISAF Racing Rules 2017 2020           Link to download / look at rules            

RYA Portsmouth Yardstick (PY)       Numbers 2018

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