Youth Race Training Project

Sport England grant

We are currently applying for a Sport England grant, in order to develop our youth race training programme, particularly aimed at the 14-18 age group. The funding would allow the purchase of 3 new RS Fevas, which have been proven to be a really exciting boat to sail, with race sails and asymmetric spinnakers, yet are also very accessible to less experienced sailors when used with the smaller 'S' sail. We are hoping to increase the numbers of youth sailors attending events, both locally and Nationally. Recent RYA research has shown that 99% of youth sailors participating in National Championships, go on to continue sailing for the rest of their lives. We are hoping that by developing the Youth Race Training section, we will be able to increase numbers participating in the Sport well into their adult lives, by capturing passion for the sport at an age when some drift away from it


Encouraging Junior and Youth Dinghy Racing Outside the Club Environment  (18 Apr 11)

1.  In the past the club used to support junior/youth members to take their first steps in racing outside the club environment by subsidising entry fees to certain events.  The Club proposes to resurrect this policy in the following manner:

  • Recognised RYA Junior/Youth Pathway Classes. The club will pay half the entry fee to the helm of Recognised RYA Junior/Youth Pathway Class dinghies representing Exe SC at up to 3 national standard events and the nationals on proof of their having competed (ie their name appears in the results with the club as Exe SC).
  • In addition, the club will pay for half the entry fee of Recognised RYA Junior/Youth Pathway Classes to helms in their first year in the class at the nearest open event for that class. 

2.  The total spend on encouraging Junior/Youth racing outside the club environment to be funded by the junior fund is a maximum of £1500 per year paid out on a first-come, first-served basis.

3.   How to Claim: 

Write a note or e-mail to the Secretary stating the name of the helm, the class of boat, the event entered and to whom the cheque should be made payable.

4.  Payment will be made by cheque once the request for payment has been made, the results are available and the payment has been agreed by another member of the management committee.