Summer Training

Our summer training week took place on 28-31 August 2018.  This was 4 days of intensive and fun coaching from RYA Podium Potential Squad members Megan Brickwood and Ellie Aldridge and was a great opportunity to for Juniors to improve their racing skills.  It was a great success and we plan to repeat it in 2019.

Here is some feedback from sailors and parents:

From Nancy Hart, aged 12: 

I had such a cool time. It was the best summer week ever. They made it so much fun you didn’t realise you were actually practising your skills.

 From Mum Jenny Hart:

 I have never seen Nancy so enthusiastic about sailing before. Ellie and Megan definitely put them through their paces, but in a really fun and engaging way.  I think they were a great inspiration for the all children. It would be great to see them back again next year.

 From Sam Cotton, aged 11:

 ‘it was great fun & a great experience. Also really sociable - I loved it and can’t wait for the next Exe Squad Week!’

 From parents Emma and Matt Cotton:

  ‘Sam had a fabulous week - we were super impressed with the two British Sailing Team Coaches, they were calm, confident, incredibly knowledgeable and made learning so much fun for the kids. Thank you ESC for such a great opportunity, our kids are so lucky to have these chances to train with such brilliant professionals.’

From Nate James, aged 11: 

It was great fun even when we weren’t on the water. Thanks Ellie and Meg, I learnt a lot’

From Alex James, aged 13:

I learnt a lot whilst having a lot of fun. It was one the highlights of my summer holiday and I would jump at the chance to do it again’

From Mum, Katie James:

 ‘I spent a day on the water with Ellie, Meg and the young sailors and was extremely impressed with the girls’ patience and effective teaching methods. The children range in ability but all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took away a great deal from the teaching. A great week.

From Alana, aged 11:

The best sailing training week ever! Meg and Ellie were fantastic, it was such good fun, I learnt loads and had a great time.

From Mum, Deborah:

An amazing week of training for the young sailors, Alana was truly inspired by Meg and Ellie, who were full of enthusiasm and encouragement.  The girls made the course fun even when not on the water. The week was interesting and engaging for the kids and they all came away with smiles, knowledge and loads of confidence.   Alana is really looking forward to putting everything into practice.


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